Honeymoon Hotel & Resort Reviews

Love & Lavender is on the hunt to review unrivaled luxury honeymoon experiences & destination wedding locations around Europe. We hope our honest and transparent reviews help you make an informed decision. Our honeymoon hotel & resort review page is all about boutique gems that are steeped in history, exude romance or luxury, and provide excellent service.

Romantic Luxury Stay

Love & Lavender personally spends time at each of the honeymoon hotels and resorts that we review. We don't simply write and advertise a boutique hotel brand, we showcase a first-hand account of our stay through an intimate editorial article. We spend time with owners, managers, or staff at the hotel in order to get a full understanding of how they run their operation, the culture and values they live, and what really makes their brand unique.

Destination Wedding Venue

Many of the hotels and resorts we feature aren't just for honeymoon travel -- they are a fantastic wedding venue to host your nuptials too!  Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as an option for combining a honeymoon, wedding, and travel in one complete package.

We're busy building relationships with hotels and wedding planners across European wedding hotspots such as Portugal, Italy, France and more. If you have any questions about our time at any of the properties reviewed, leave a comment and we would be happy to provide additional insight!

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Plan for the Honeymoon Trip of a Life

A honeymoon is a trip of a lifetime acting as a milestone to launch your new life together as soulmates. Wedding excitement has ended, and now is the time for some serious rest, relaxation, and adventure. That, along with our two favorite aspects of a honeymoon: romance + luxury!

A honeymoon should be a time for newlyweds to be pampered, indulge, splurge, and spend romantic time together. We think a honeymoon hotel/resort should have that special 'wow factor' that leaves a big smile across your face and a warm fuzzy feeling inside. After all, its the little things that go a long way to make you feel special, and feeling special is what makes for a memorable honeymoon.

That's why our honeymoon hotel and resort reviews focus exclusively on 4 and 5 star properties from around the world. We aim to help you and your new spouse find the perfect romantic luxury getaway!

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