Best Honeymoon Luggage Sets: Packing Made Easy!

In this article we review our top five luggage set recommendations for honeymoon travel. First though, we’ll examine all things luggage and provide tips about sizes, wheels, and suitcase types to help you make a decision.

Also, check out our prior article on tips for packing for your honeymoon!

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Review: Top 5 Honeymoon Luggage Sets

1) Rockland 2-Piece Luggage Set

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The Rockland 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set is a top contender for couples who tend to pack on the heavier side and are looking for a lighter weight option to avoid excess weight charges at all costs — like myself!

Rockland luggage is well known for offering quality bags and luggage that come in fun patterns, designs, and brightly colored exteriors. We’re loving the pop of bright blue color that style conscious travelistas will appreciate.

Whats more, there are 20 different color options to choose from, just in case blue doesn’t do it for you. Either way, stand out among the sea of black bags circling the airport conveyor belt.

This luggage set features a 28″ spinner case (ideal for longer trips or carrying the belongings of more than one traveler) as well as a 20″ carry-on. Both cases are expandable. Each case is detailed with multi-directional spinner wheels, an internal chrome telescoping handle and grab handles for easy lifting.

Key Information

  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Wheels: Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Material: Lightweight ABS material
  • Handle: Sturdy internal chrome telescoping handle with push button
  • Expandable: Yes both are expandable
  • Interior: Interior zip and mesh pocket and elastic pocket and tie down straps
  • Measurements & Weight:
    • 20″ x 13″ x 9″ – 6 lbs – Carry-On
    • 28″ x 17″ x 12″ – 10 lbs – Suitable for Checked Baggage
  • PROS

    • Both cases can be either push or pulled and offer good mobility to turn in all directions
    • A reliable option for an affordable price
    • Made of ABS, which is lighter than polycarbonate. Normally ABS is used for more expensive hard-sided suitcases
    • Wheels roll smoothly on many different surfaces
    • Interior offers a strap on one side and zipper enclosure on the other side to hold contents inside
    • Many reviews from customers find these pieces to be great value for money
    • Bags can be stored inside each other for easy storage
  • CONS

    • Not scratch resistant. Bright colors tend to show marks and dirt easily
    • Not extremely resilient to rough handling
    • Some negative feedback on the handles feeling flimsy
    • No handle at the bottom of case to help for lifting
    • No outer side pocket
    • Locks are not TSA approved
    • Some reviewers noted a chemical smell when they first received the luggage. Leaving it in an open air space should dissipate the smell.

2) Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set

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If you are passionate about traveling and plan to book many trips long after the honeymoon, we recommend investing in a quality luggage set like the Samsonite Winfield 2.

Samsonite has been around for decades as a world leader in travel and they have a reputation for offering quality, reliable, and stylish luggage.

Samsonite’s 10 year warranty provides piece of mind. In addition, these cases offer a sturdy and durable polycarbonate hard exterior made to absorb and flex under the stresses of travel. If dented they will pop back into the original shape. Don’t ignore the price – one of the best value hard shell suitcase on the market!

Key Information

  • Warranty: 10 year limited warranty
  • Wheels: Four, multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Material: 100% Polycarbonate
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Interior: Cross-straps, a privacy curtain with its own zippered organizational pockets
  • Lock: TSA approved combination lock
  • Measurements & Weight:
    • 20″ – 20 x 13.5 x 9.5 – 6.7 lbs (Carry On)
    • 24″ – 24 x 16.25 x 11.5 – 9.3 lbs (Suitable for Checked Baggage)
    • 28″ – 28 x 19.75 x 12.5 – 11.13 lbs (Suitable for Checked Baggage)
  • PROS

    • Square, full capacity design
    • Superior mobility
    • Expand to meet your additional packing needs
    • Based on the customer feedback, the big hard sided luggage is still within the size restrictions for most US airlines as a checked baggage.
    • More lightweight than than traditional luggage in comparable sizes
    • Handles offers multiple locking positions.
    • Built in TSA approved locks
  • CONS

    • No side handle
    • Common complaint from reviews on Amazon is that these cases scratch easily

3) Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

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If you pack like I do then you’ll always need to throw in one more article of clothing. In that case, every inch of the suitcase must count. This might just be the perfect solution for both of us.

The Merax Travelhouse Luggage set offers the best square design, which includes placing the telescope handle on the outside of the case to allow a maximum amount of packing space.  An overall light weight will have you cramming in one more bikini for the beach!

Key Information

  • Warranty: 5 year worldwide
  • Wheels: Multi-directional silent spinner wheels
  • Material: Lightweight durable ABS material with PC color master batch for added durability
  • Handle: Sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescoping handle
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Interior: Fully lined with multi-use organizational pockets
  • Lock: Secure Combination Lock
  • PROS

    • Future scuff or scratch marks are hidden by embossed patterns
    • 9 fantastic colors availible
    • Very quiet spinner wheels
    • Many pockets inside the case with a divider
    • Can be conveniently stored as they all fit within each other
    • Light weight luggage set
  • CONS

    • No extra pockets on the outside
    • Short warranty

4) American Tourister Pop Spinner – 3 Piece

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​Cruise ship honeymoon anyone?

The American Tourister Pop Spinner 3 piece luggage set is a strong selection for couples going on a longer term trip and who may also have a few outfit changes while they are away. One of the things I love about going on a cruise is the opportunity to get all dolled up!

You will definitely be able to fit two weeks worth of multiple shoes, bathing suits, accessories and clothes in this honeymoon luggage set.

American Tourister has been around since 1933 and is the sister company of Samsonite. So, you know it’s one of the most trusted luggage brands in the world.

These cases are great for anyone who needs quality luggage at an affordable price. The sturdy construction means you’ll never have to worry about the rough way that airline workers (sometimes) throw your bags on and off the plane. ​

Key Information

  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Wheels: Four multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Material: 600 denier polyester
  • Expandable: Yes
  • Interior: Interior Pocket
  • Lock: No
  • Measurements & Weight:
    • 29″ 4 wheeled spinner – 12.9 lbs
    • 25″ 4 wheeled spinner – 10.2 lbs
    • 21″ 4 wheeled carry-on Spinner – 8.6 lbs.
  • PROS

    • Amazon reviews found they are very light for their size
    • Handle on the side comes in handy for lifting the suitcase
    • Plenty of outside pockets
    • All cases have the ability to expand
  • CONS

    • They are easily overbalanced
    • No interior compartments for separating clothes or accessories
    • No locks provided

5) Travelcross Columbia Luggage 3 Piece Lightweight Spinner Set

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​Heading to a far off destination with multiple different layovers?

The Travelcross Columbia Luggage 3 piece spinner set is an absolute must have suitcases set.

Available in 9 colors, the cases are also nylon-lined with a zipper closure making it easier to organize and pack your clothes.

It offers a really neat feature: the OKOBAN Global Tracking System. If you get on one flight and your bag ends up on another, your chances of being reunited are significantly greater! Excellent idea. I am never sure why lost bags are sometimes never found, but it happens! Best to be on the safe side and utilize a system like this one.

Key Information

  • ​Warranty: 3 year warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Material: Made of 100% lightweight ABS material
  • Handle: Resistant aluminum single trolley handle with push-button
  • Expandable: Both 24” and 28” are expandable
  • Interior: Fully nylon-lined interior and premium zipper closure
  • Lock: TSA-approved keyless LOCK
  • Measurements & Weight:
    • 20″ Carry-on – 5.6 lbs
    • 24″ Suitcase – 7.8 lbs
    • 28″ Suitcase – 10.6 lbs
  • PROS

    • Tracking System which tracks luggauge when lost
    • Tough corner guards
  • CONS

    • ​A few complaints online about zipper quality on the bigger case

Common Airplane Luggage Sizes

If you’ve booked your airline tickets for the perfect romantic trip, one thing to consider is which of the three main categories of luggage you will take along.

1. Overhead

With overhead luggage, typical small sized suitcases are the ideal item. Hard shell or soft shell, these mini versions of large suitcases are perfect for hoisting above your seat and stowing away any items you’d like to have near you on the plane. In my experience traveling internationally, any small sized suitcase is allowed. However, you will want to check with your airline specifically to make sure your bag is within the given dimensions. This is usually the bag you will keep things like laptops, toiletries, an extra set of clothes, and charging cables and devices in.

2. Under the seat

Your under the seat bag is a little bit different when it comes to size and what you pack in it. Typically, this is the most accessible item to you when traveling. The space under airplane seats is usually much smaller than the overhead compartment, which means it’s an ideal space for purses and small satchels or backpacks. Since it is the closest and easiest to access, we recommend you keep you travel documents and in-flight entertainment items in this bag. You might include a small make-up kit, travel pillow, e-reader, or sleep mask to fit your travel needs.

3. Checked baggage

Checked bags are the largest and most difficult to maneuver types of luggage. You’ll want to make sure if you are checking a bag that it is one you can easily carry or pull through the airport. Since your location is likely to be a popular spot with a high level of traffic passing through, you’ll want to make sure your bag is durable and recognizable in the onslaught of the baggage carousel. Be sure to check the weight limits for your airline before and after your trip. Nothing would be worse than having to leave behind your favorite souvenir at the airport because it was too heavy for your bag.

What are the Best Suitcase Sizes?

The best size when it comes to suitcases is really up to you and your travel style. If you’re the type of person who travels with a full wardrobe, make-up, and shoes for every outfit in tow, then a carry-on might not give you enough space. Before choosing your luggage, take a moment to assess the type of traveler you are and the types of trips you take.

If you don’t travel often, or if your trips are usually very brief, you can probably get away with a carry-on sized bag or sturdy backpack. If you’re into longer vacations, or if you enjoy packing everything you need for two travelers in one bag, then a checked bag or large suitcase is most likely for you. It all depends on what your style is and where you see yourself going in the next few years.

Most suitcases you find in stores will stick to normal sizes that are airline approved. If you find a size your love, then go with it! Half the full of travel is exploring a new city with your favorite stylish bag in tow. No matter the size, choosing your suitcase is a matter of personal preference and there is no accounting for taste.

Average Luggage Sizes

The height measurements are taken from the top of the case with the handle down to the bottom of the wheels.

Large76cm / 30 inches48cm / 19 inches29cm / 11 inches
Medium67cm / 26 inches45cm / 18 inches25cm / 10 inches
Compact63cm / 25 inches36cm / 14 inches21cm / 8 inches
Small48cm / 19 inches32cm / 13 inches18cm / 7 inches

How do you measure the size of luggage?

Measuring luggage sizes is something you’ll have to master if you and your new spouse plan on being regular vacation takers. Usually, the only reason you will have to measure your bags is to make sure they comply with airline travel regulations.

Don’t worry; you don’t need any special equipment to successfully measure your bags. A simple tape measurer and bathroom scale is all you need to make sure your bags are airport ready and approved.

U.S. airlines will often have carry-on restrictions with 22 inches long as the maximum. Typically, the dimensions set by your airline will look something like this: 22”x 14″ x 9″. That’s combining length, width, and height. Likewise, some airlines might give you a total of around 45 inches, meaning your bag should add up to no more than 45 when you measure the height, width, and length. Generally, these measurements include the wheels, handles, and any extra items attached to the outside of the bag.

What’s better: Two-wheels vs. Four wheels suitcases

The debate between two-wheels and four-wheels is mostly a matter of style and comfort. It’s up to you to decide which works best in your situation, since there is no perfect answer.

With two wheels, your suitcase can only move forward when tilted to a certain degree. If this is the most comfortable way to maneuver for you, then two-wheeled models are idea. However, this style means that it’s hard to push a two-wheeled model in front of you or slide it along next to you. Many crowded airports ask that you move your luggage alongside yourself so as not to trip other trailing behind you. This can make two-wheeled models less attractive to travelers who frequent busy airports and crowded locations.

With four-wheeled models, there are a number of innovations. Four wheels allow a suitcase to be pushed, pulled, on even let it slide alongside you when moving quickly through a space. The added mobility is offset by the extra weight from the extra wheels. Also, the two extra wheels can also add precious inches onto the overall size of your bag.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what blend of comfort and mobility is right for your unique traveling style. There is no right or wrong design when it comes to suitcases.

Should You Go for Spinner Wheels or In-Line Fixed?

Are there types of wheels that are better materials over others? I can confidently say that the answer to that question is ‘yes’.

Choosing the wheel style of your suitcase comes down to both personal preference and your travel style. If you’re typically pulling your bag through long international airports and city streets, then you may prefer the more versatile style of 360-degree spinning wheels on four wheeled suitcases.

However, some people find that spinning wheels make the suitcase harder to control and push or pull in a straight line. Also, having the larger wheels can lead to breakage and size issues. If you’d rather have a suitcase that tilts and rolls behind you in a traditional fashion with smaller wheels, then two wheeled models are for you.

Not sure which you like best? We recommend trying both out when shopping for luggage. This will give you a good idea of what fits your body type and travel style before you buy. Don’t be afraid to add some weight to the suitcases you try to get an idea of how the wheels will preform carrying items through a crowded airport.

Hard shell vs. soft shell suitcases

Most suitcases you see in the airport have been through a lot. It’s important to pick a suitcase that can hold it’s own against rough handling and thousands of miles.

One of the hardest choices when it comes to picking suitcase styles is choosing whether you prefer hard or soft external shells. The exterior quality of your suitcase matters and can impact weight, durability, comfort, and mobility in the long run. Let’s check out the pros and cons of these two types to help you decide which is right for you.

Soft Shell

  • PROS

    • They are lightweight
    • Because of their soft sides, they can be squeezed into tight places with ease
    • Expandable zippers and fabric flaps offer more room when needed
  • CONS

    • Exterior fabric will show stains
    • Can be snagged or cut by sharp objects in transit
    • More susceptible to moisture
    • Soft sides are not very protective of delicate objects

Hard Shell

  • PROS

    • ​The plastic or metal is waterproof
    • It protects delicate objects
    • The hard sides allow them to slide easily without wheels
    • They are stain resistant
  • CONS

    • ​Without fabric flaps they cannot expand
    • No outside pockets for storage of small items
    • Will show scratches after some use

Suitcase handles

Handles on suitcases may all look alike, but the differences become clear when you’re using them to pull 50-pounds of luggage through a crowded terminal. Retractable handles are the most common variety and come in many styles and lengths. Be sure you are getting handles that adjust to your height and arm length in a comfortable way

Suitcases that offer two posts in the handle are much easier to control than those with only one post. Plus, the added post can be used to attach your travel pillow or support your under the seat item while walking. The double posts provide more stable control when rolling your bag.

Ideally, your suitcase will also have durable side and top handles that are flat along the sides. These are most helpful when lifting the bag into an overhead compartment or taking them down off of a luggage carousel.

Luggage Weight, Expandability, and Durability

Restrictions and fees usually keep us all traveling as light at possible, which means having a suitcase that is also lightweight allows you to pack more of your favorite items. You can avoid pulling a muscle and paying an exorbitant fee by sticking to luggage that works ergonomically with your body and provides lightweight storage.

The ideal weight for an unpacked suitcase should be no more than 8-pounds. Any heavier than this and your bag will be cutting too much into your already limited options for packing. Compare styles and choose a lightweight bag that doesn’t cut corners on durability for the perfect mix of use and longevity.

Luggage warranty

If you don’t travel often, a warranty for your luggage might seem like a non-essential purchase. However, if you’re investing in luggage that you want to last until your tenth anniversary trip then you’ll want to make more of an investment when it comes to the durability and protection your luggage offers.

Check into the brand you’re interested in to see if they offer warranty packages that fit your budget. Starting off your new life together with quality luggage might even help you commit to traveling more as a couple.

Suitcase compartments

My favorite part about packing a new suitcase is finding all the best little pockets for things like jewelry and other small items. The different compartments and pockets on and within your suitcase can be especially useful for separating items from one another.

If you travel with medications, lots of accessories, or other items you’d like to keep organized away from the main compartment, then having side pockets is ideal. Be sure to check for all the hidden compartments when buying a new suitcase. You can make sure they are the correct sizes and that they will be useful to your packing style before you purchase the bag.

Carry on only vs. checked baggage

If you’re trying to decide between a carry-on bag and a checked bag, the main questions have to do with your travel habits. If you’re someone who enjoys taking long trip to distant locations, then it might be difficult to get by with just a carry-on suitcase. However, if you travel mostly domestically and only over short periods of time, then a carry-on bag or backpack might be sufficient.

Carry-on bags don’t have to be limited to just overnight trips however. They are incredibly useful for travelers with savvy packing skills. If you’re a traveler who always manages to surprise yourself on how little you need, then a simple carry-on might just be the perfect fit.


  • No waiting in line at baggage claim. When you choose a carry-on bag the airport becomes much less painful. Simply hop off the plane and walk right out to the taxi line ahead of all the other passengers stuck waiting at baggage claim.
  • They are easier to get around. Due to their small size and therefore reduced weight, a carry-on bag is much easier to carry and maneuver than a large checked bag. If you have mobility issues or just enjoy traveling light, then a carry-on will give you that freedom every traveler craves.
  • Having only a carry-on makes you a smarter packer. You can cut down on waste and leave more room for the things that truly matter when traveling.
  • No risk of being stranded without your luggage. Since your carry-on bag will always be right next to you on the plane, you never have to worry about the airline losing your bag.


  • Less room in your luggage. Of course, choosing a smaller bag means you will miss out on all that glorious space a checked bag allows. You might not mind this for a short-term trip, but having to leave behind essential outfits for longer trips is definitely a major set back.
  • You may have to pay for an extra carry-on with some airlines. If taking one carry-on isn’t enough, the extra baggage fees to bring another one can be huge. Not to mention the added inconvenience of having to maneuver two bags through the cramped airplane aisles. At that point, it is most certainly better to go with a checked bag instead of two carry-ons.
  • You will be limited in the amount of toiletries you can bring along. Since carry-on bags are stored within the cabin, the amount of liquids you are allowed to bring is strictly limited. If you travel with medicines, make-up, lotions, shampoos, etc., this can cause serious issues.

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